Zy's Bed of Roses

Zy’s Bed of Roses LLC began as a residential interior design business that provides quality home furnishing and space planning. While our purpose remains the same, we have extended into furniture procurement, material and fixture procurement, and home construction projects. Our design process reduces the stress factor of having little knowledge of cohesive design and functionality, and also eliminates the overwhelming feeling of going out to furniture shop by individual piece. Space planning expertise allows us to utilize the furniture layout plan that best accommodate each room. We offer budget-friendly options and financing is available.

This company is named after my daughter, whose nickname is Zy. Zy was born with challenging disabilities and developmentally delayed issues. My life has been about quick adjustments, scheduled timelines (Zy’s medication schedule), and showing up to appointments prepared to adjust to new guidance. This has allowed me to be clever, quick thinking and consistent!

Design is where I am able to exercise these life-skills along with my problem-solving skills in a positive way while having some creative control during execution! My productive mindset and creative skills are strongest when I’m placed on the spot to find a solution. I love a challenge because it reminds me of how strong and capable I truly am, not just for me but for Zy. Thank you for your support!

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